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You forgot to lock the space bar so it doesn't scroll the screen down.

Nah, still does it. There's a way to lock the game area. I don't know how to do it tho. Good music and looks interesting. Just needs that fixed first.

Winter89 responds:

works if you click onto screen i think. down key tho.... sorry man first game lol

Well, you finally got it working, so I guess that's progress. But, it's bigger than my screen, so you might want to lower the size about 20-25%. Also, there are no instructions. I shoot a rock. I walk outside the circle. A counter starts and I die. :'(

Philplays responds:

ill fix that stuff now! if you dont mind you can play again with the tutorial!

This is good. I have a few suggestions, tho.

- The Throttle Up image blocks the view, hiding enemies and objects. Placing that on a layer on the back would be cool, but still allow for full viewing.

- At the end, there are replay and exit options that have to be clicked with the mouse. Making these selectable also with the Z and X buttons makes it easier to get back in the game quicker.

Good game. :)

trixelbit responds:

I appreciate the feedback! I'll add your suggestions in the next update!

The Windows spoof line died out years ago. Seriously.

So, basically, by the end, you have to get and keep at least one 1 and one 4, or you're disqualified. After getting both a 1 and a 4, whoever has the highest score at the end is the winner. Since there are no instructions, how close am I?

JinxSpell responds:

You're correct! I've played it so much, I forgot to include instructions. I'll add them now, thanks!

It's good, but the specs drop way too fast. You can't get hardly anywhere and get back in time. A bit more time would help the game tremendously.

Too many ads. One at the beginning is fine, but at the beginning, after the death, and on the death screen. This is one step short of adware.

This is fun. Haven't had a good "toss something" game in a while. :)

PsychoGoldfish responds:

Glad you liked it. You should be able to like it in FF now too!

Moderator's note: The medals have been fixed.

Sometimes, the clickable area is a bit small and I get an X, but it's not bad, and I got all the medals. Your games are always fun. :)

Game works now, peoplez.

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