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Can't use the copyrighted music, tho.

The music is good, but audio should be submitted to the Audio Portal. The movie portal is for animations.

OMG, that was soooo cute! You've been gone too long!

Coffgirl responds:

I wasn't confident with my work so I end up not posting here until recently
still not the best but I hope it's enjoyable

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This game is not ready to be put up. It's not really a game. There's a timer, but no score. The zombies don't attack. you can let them stack up and blast away in the last few seconds- or don't. You can never fire a shot and still get a 'you win" after the timer ends.

Well... not quite. The zombies continue to come after the timer and and the "you win" pops up, and after about 10 seconds, they kill you. Also, rather than getting 1x score per kill, the score continues to add with each click after their head pops off, so you can get extra score. I got 2750.

Sethsworld responds:

Fixed It

Yeah the extra clicking, thats gonna be the backwards long jump of this game

NOW Its Fixed

I'm attacking Gotaro and his health isn't going down. It takes all the fun out of a game when the enemies are invincible without a certain combo. I think that's how to progress, but it says I have to go something 10 times and I'm at less than 25% health and not progressing, so I don't see any point in continuing. :\

Don't use Shift. Don't use ctrl. They're system keys.

cultzone responds:

Really? Cooooool man..... we re implying this then in the next build, because it is a style more old school... thank you

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I like. :)

First, if you leave this up, it will destroy your credibility as a voice artist.

Next, watch this one: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/590285


The OTHER person didn't do it correctly????

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Gotta have priorities, and in the battle between heads and tails....

InhumanInterest responds:

She called heads 50 times and put them all in a sack

That mango body wash is serious stuff.

InhumanInterest responds:

Last guy to wear it got mauled to death by fruit bats, they should put a warning label on it

Well, there are a lot less zombies on the station now, and there's about to be a lot less zombies- period. Good thing he told John, tho. And, we're finally at step 142 of 142 updates installed.

InhumanInterest responds:

Yep, unfortunately that's the step that always manages to take longer than all of the other steps put together for some reason.

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