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Must finish! Lots of effort put in, but it shows, and it's well worth it.

I can't give it a good score because it's unfinished. What's here, however, shows that something great could be coming. Please finish and submit!

You're cute! Don't kill me! D:

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You forgot to lock the space bar so it doesn't scroll the screen down.

Nah, still does it. There's a way to lock the game area. I don't know how to do it tho. Good music and looks interesting. Just needs that fixed first.

Winter89 responds:

works if you click onto screen i think. down key tho.... sorry man first game lol

Well, you finally got it working, so I guess that's progress. But, it's bigger than my screen, so you might want to lower the size about 20-25%. Also, there are no instructions. I shoot a rock. I walk outside the circle. A counter starts and I die. :'(

Philplays responds:

ill fix that stuff now! if you dont mind you can play again with the tutorial!

This is good. I have a few suggestions, tho.

- The Throttle Up image blocks the view, hiding enemies and objects. Placing that on a layer on the back would be cool, but still allow for full viewing.

- At the end, there are replay and exit options that have to be clicked with the mouse. Making these selectable also with the Z and X buttons makes it easier to get back in the game quicker.

Good game. :)

trixelbit responds:

I appreciate the feedback! I'll add your suggestions in the next update!

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I like. :)

First, if you leave this up, it will destroy your credibility as a voice artist.

Next, watch this one: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/590285


A nice, calm tune. :)

MartinRages responds:


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Sometimes, you gotta think about things for a bit.

Nah, it's learning. Everyone starts somewhere. You fail when you give up. Compare this guy's movies from most recent to what he submitted when he started. https://jazza.newgrounds.com/movies

But I didn't get you anything! ):

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