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Feedback left for others: 0.

Seriously, bro. Go leave feedback for your buyers. It's a mark of a lazy ebay seller.

PapaLegba responds:


When are these jello jiggle pointless submissions going to end? There's no effort here.

Archgetto79 responds:

Good Morning. It's Just A Test... I'm Not Finished Yet. 😅😅😅

...not crushed fast enough, tho.

therenderguy responds:

I admit the roses move too fast. The issue was the particle system that made it. I still need to work on that.

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I would play a game entitled "Sex Kitten: terrible looking trash and randomly googled up hentai images," or "Sex Kitten: TLTARGUHI" for short...?

TARGUHI could be the name of the boss.

Hi Yommie! :3


Sorry, but your games are basic and frankly, not that good. Steam tends to produce games like this. You can put together a working test quickly, but you need to put real effort and time into your games to make them something to be proud of.

The physics are an improvement over the original. The bullets are a a bit slow. The biggest problem with this one, tho, is the size. It's too big for the screen. You might want to shrink the dimensions down to a more manageable size; maybe 30% smaller.

Nisc responds:

Thanks for the suggestions. I fixed the issue with it being too big so hopefully it's a bit more playable now.

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First, if you leave this up, it will destroy your credibility as a voice artist.

Next, watch this one: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/590285


A nice, calm tune. :)

MartinRages responds:


This would do well as ambient sound for a level of a survival horror game. Until 4:28, anyway. Then, it's more boss fight.

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Lil too much ab workout there. Either that, or sit ups and crunches have been totally ignored. Time to modify the workout.

She needs to shower; what with all those spider webs around her crotch and all.

Not a lot ...of anything. It's a small, barely a sketch, surrounded by a sea of unused space. You should finish things before submitting them. You could've cut & pasted your other little bits into this to fill up the space.

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