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Aww, heck yeah. :D

Excellent work. :)

This was really good, but it was hard to tell what was going on at times since the linework was so light. If you traced over all the lines with a marker, it'd be a lot of work, but the results would be fantastic. :)

...not crushed fast enough, tho.

therenderguy responds:

I admit the roses move too fast. The issue was the particle system that made it. I still need to work on that.

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The Windows spoof line died out years ago. Seriously.

So, basically, by the end, you have to get and keep at least one 1 and one 4, or you're disqualified. After getting both a 1 and a 4, whoever has the highest score at the end is the winner. Since there are no instructions, how close am I?

JinxSpell responds:

You're correct! I've played it so much, I forgot to include instructions. I'll add them now, thanks!

It's good, but the specs drop way too fast. You can't get hardly anywhere and get back in time. A bit more time would help the game tremendously.

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I like. :)

First, if you leave this up, it will destroy your credibility as a voice artist.

Next, watch this one: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/590285


A nice, calm tune. :)

MartinRages responds:


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She's so cute. :3

Edit: Sure! Bring it. :)

Puapka responds:

thank you! wanna read a webcomic with her? (its not her default outfit just saying)

Maybe you should take some time away from submitting every sketch and bit that you produce. Improve your skills, because they are lacking, and return when you have art that no one can argue with and can be genuinely appreciated for its artistic value.

From what I've read of your rants, people complain about your work, so you stomp your feet and submit more. Then, the mods or admins take action and you vent more. "Look at how x.com treated me. Wait, now y.com has done the same..." Grow up, son. What you fail to realize is that you may bring on the same action here if the quality of content doesn't improve, and the ranting continues.

Edit: Then you didn't look. Did you also miss that I'm a Moderator here?

Co-lord44 responds:

Blah blah blah you are waisting my time. Others can see me improve and I don't see any art on your profile to.

From "Memories" DVD.

Slidebrain responds:

Yes exactly! Alot of people don't seem to know this one!

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